We are proud to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between SRI and PropertyGuru Finance. The MOU was signed by Tony Koe from SRI and Paul Wee of PropertyGuru Finance (PGF) earlier in August.

Through this partnership, all SRI salespersons are empowered to provide their clients with live mortgage rates updated daily; all-in-one mortgage solutions and exclusive value-adds from the PGF team of mortgage specialists, to help them make confident property decisions and enable our agents to close deals more seamlessly.

SRI salespeople will be able to access Home Rates on the BigData application, powered by PropertyGuru Finance

With the recent full implementation of this timely integration between SRI’s BigData platform and PGF’s platform, SRI salespersons now have access to all available mortgage packages from all banks (updated daily), at their fingertips. This collaboration has helped many of our salespersons engage with their clients better, and provide immediate advice that enables their clients to make better-informed financial decisions, as part of their journey towards property ownership.

SRI salespeople will be able to access all available home loan rates with just a few simple clicks

Given the close working relationships between our SRI salespersons and PGF’s mortgage specialists, we are certain that our clients will have more confidence when working with us, as we are now able to provide a full suite of services to them.

Pictured left: Tony Koe, CEO of SRI. Right: Paul Wee, VP Fintech of PropertyGuru Finance

At SRI, we will continue to break new frontiers in embracing technology & digital services, as part of our service to our clients.