We are excited to have Mok Sze Sze on board with SRI as Managing Partner, Auction.

The Auction team brings along decades of real estate experience in advising a wide portfolio of clients, comprising major banks and financial institution, solicitors, receivers/liquidators, property owners, business corporation, prospective buyers and investors, on auction, tender, EOI and private treaty sales of all classes of property assets including residential, office, retail and industrial properties.

Their experience also include conducting auctions for government agencies such as JTC, BCA, SLA and Sheriff of Singapore on the sale/lease of properties.

Auction sale is one of the quickest way to draw buyers and sets a timeframe for decision both to buy and sell. The auction team will provide guidance to sellers on the sale price, schedule viewings and walk buyers through the auction process. Buyers will get to know the outcome of their bids on the spot in this transparent mode of sale.

Through this competitive method, we will market  our client’s property asset with an aim to achieve optimum price within a specific timeframe.

Historically, we have found that more than half of all auction houses’ property listings are owner’s sale in a typical year. Most owners were won over by the merits of auction sale as follow:

  • Transport mode of sale
  • Great exposure and reach
  • No cooling off period
  • Definite timeframe set for decisions
  • Optimum price

2021 Auction Dates:

  • 31 March, Wednesday
  • 29 April, Thursday
  • 27 May, Thursday
  • 29 June, Thursday
  • 29 July, Thursday
  • 27 August, Friday
  • 24 September, Friday
  • 28 October, Thursday
  • 25 November, Thursday
  • 17 December, Friday