Article from The Business Times, 29 July 2021


Despite consolidation amongst real estate agencies and stiff competition within the industry, SRI’s numbers continue to grow steadily and organically year-on-year.

Data source: Extracted from The Business Times article, 29 July 2021.

The chart above is an indication of SRI’s healthy net growth in terms of the number of salespersons, relative to other industry players.

Since its inception in 2016, SRI has seen consistent net growth in the number of salespersons.

Official numbers from SRI


On top of brokerage, SRI has also expanded into various business verticals such as Project Marketing, Capital Market, and Auction.

Being a young company and helmed by a young management team, SRI is confident of its efforts to remain competitive in the market. The potential for growth is slated to be exponential in the coming years as we begin ramping up efforts in tech, marketing, and overall support for our SRI Elites.

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