In Part 2 of SRI Keynote series which was conducted via Zoom with over 600 attendees, Managing Director Tony Koe shares the evolvement of how the real estate agency business has changed over the past 15 years of his experience and his vision for TeamSRI.

Taking the chance to thank everyone, he unveils the Top Achievers, Leaders, Project Achievers and Rookies within his segment. “Though it was unfortunate that we cannot do this in a proper setting to celebrate your success, we will find another proper time to do so once the Circuit Breaker period is over”.

Congratulations to Michele Chew for her promotion as the General Manager for SRI! The Team is obviously elated and it was a well deserved promotion for her hard work and dedication.

Revealing our Executive Committee (EXCO) members for the first time, Tony introduced the four main pillars namely Training, Media, IT and Events. As these members are key leaders to TeamSRI, they will be assisting the L1 Management team in improving and making pivotal decisions so as to enhance our team members’ journey in SRI.

Head investment advisory & Strategist Harvey Chia will address to TeamSRI this coming Monday on part 3 of Keynote series with analysis of 2020 private residential market.